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What are Cryo Sticks?
  If you are looking for a spa treatment at home or professionally. with the science of cold skin therapy
   I recommend the CRYO-STICK which is made of special surgical stainless steel and filled with cooling gel.
And because the shape of the stick has been optimized for effective use on each part of the face, eyes and neck.
  Cryo-Sticks Cryotherapy allows you to reduce the Inflammation of the skin and redness can occur.
When stored in the refrigerator or on ice, Cryo-Sticks will stay super cold for a long period of time. This will spread the coolness on the skin during the massage. by stroking slowly and gently on your face
   Why is this massage stick good? The shop has chosen how good it is?
✅ Easy to use, convenient to carry
✅ It's good to use with facial massage gel.
✅ The material is large, handy and safe with production standards.
✅ Cooling more or equal to the cryo massager that must be plugged in.
✅ Add chord value or facial program for beauty salons.
✅ Easy to learn massage. no experience required
✅ Already bought, no need to find gel elsewhere. because we sell with facial massage gel
Price 1590 baht
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